MedSTEM Pathways


In light of the developments with COVID-19, we want to keep you informed about our plans for this summer. At this time, decisions have been made to continue the MedSTEM Explorers and MedSTEM Pathways virtually this summer. If you have any questions about this change, please contact us at [email protected]


What is MedSTEM Pathways?

MedSTEM Pathways is an internship program at Rush University Medical Center for high school upperclassmen in Chicago. Students will get work-based learning experience by interning in a department of the hospital or at a partner organization aligned to the career they hope to pursue. There are three sessions: summer, fall, and spring. The summer session is our largest and most comprehensive, and it includes 8 hours per week of classes in college and career readiness, life skills, and workforce development skills. The fall and spring sessions are typically open to students who participated in the summer session and only involves the internship portion.

Whether you’re interested in mental health, allied health, entrepreneurship, finance, healthcare, law, media, research, or any other field, we help motivated high school students make the most of their summer, fall, and spring and make more informed decisions about college and career plans.

Spring Session

2021 Spring Session Cancelled 

Summer Session

2021 Summer Applications Open Jan 25, 2021 at NOON.

Fall Session

Please check back in summer for information on the Fall 2021 session.

Program Benefits


Academic Enrichment

Students will be a part of a supportive learning community where they can step beyond the comfortable routines of the classroom and actively shape their education and their lives. 



Student will be able to connect with healthcare providers, STEM professionals, and alumni in order to gain important knowledge about their desired fields and succeeding in their chosen colleges and careers. 


Industry Recognized Credentials

Students will be given the opportunity to take courses that provide industry recognized certifications (CNA, PCT, etc.) and early college credit.


Hands-On Learning

Students will work alongside doctors, nurses, technicians, and tradesmen/women receiving on-the-job learning about specific procedures and tasks that relate to the profession.