Elementary School

STEMagineers works to build a foundation for the development of STEM and healthcare knowledge and interest for preschool – 5th grade students. The foundation is constructed through awareness of STEM and healthcare education and careers, teacher professional development, family engagement, and classroom curriculum and resources. This initial investment will strengthen the children's attitudes and ability to embrace STEM and healthcare learning experiences and practices.

Classroom Enrichment

Our classroom enrichment for elementary school consists of working with teachers at our partner schools to develop curricula that align with standards and follow research that supports best practices in elementary STEM education. This includes providing resources and support both in class and at school events. The teachers we work with vary year-to-year and depend on their willingness to collaborate and need for support.

Family and Community Engagement

In addition to our work in the classroom, we also provide workshops and support events for our five partner elementary schools and their families. During the 2018-19 school year, we hosted several parent workshops that focused on topics like health eating, exercise and financial aid. We also provide support at events like Family STEM Night and Open Houses.

For more information on STEMagineers programming for PreK - 2nd grade, please contact Ellen Vigil at [email protected] or (312) 942-0307.

For more information on STEMagineers programming for 3rd -5th grade, please contact Kimberly Bailey at [email protected] or (312) 942-0366.

Program Highlights