Middle School

6th - 8th Grade

Developing Interest and Providing Support

The Middle School Enrichment Programs provide students with instruction in math, science, and technology, coupled with exposure to careers and post-secondary educational opportunities. During the school year, students work collaboratively to solve real-world challenges from the healthcare field.  For example, they may use robotics to design a solution for medical triage in a disaster or develop an approach to counteract a flu epidemic.

Making a Difference

The Middle School Enrichment Programs provide not only STEM learning experiences, but also career exploration, mentoring, and tutoring, with opportunities for parent and community engagement. They aim to impact students by building interest and awareness of careers in the STEM and healthcare fields, increasing sense of self-efficacy, developing 21st-century learning skills, and aiding the transition to high school.

Vitals for STEM Success is an after-school curriculum enrichment program for middle school students interested in STEM or healthcare careers. There are three 10-week sessions during the school year hosted at the Rush campus.

Future Ready Learning Lab is an enrichment elective incorporated into the school day at Robert Nathaniel Dett Elementary and Washington Irving Elementary Schools.

Program Highlights